A Sample of What I am Working on

This is a new approach on the blog. Every so often I will post a small sample of the current piece I am working on. Today, it is a simple of the second installment of the Do You Disgust Me series. This is a rough draft so the final draft may differ a little or be more fleshed out and fixed for grammar mistakes but still a little preview never hurt anybody. I hope everybody likes it.

Chapter 10:

I overslept. He scrambled to the kitchen, his heart beating heavily in his chest, looking at the clock on the oven that screamed 6:25. He will be walking in the doorway in five minutes expecting dinner. He ran to the daily meal planner, scanning to find out what today’s dinner was, hoping it would be something quick. Stuffed bell peppers. How the hell do I make that? Is it just stuffing salad into bell peppers? Wait? How do I even do that?

He turned to the recipe book on the island behind him and quickly scanned the table of contents before turning hastily to the right recipe. Cut the top of bell peppers and discard seeds…cook for five minutes. Salt it, cook hamburger meat, onion, and carrots in a separate saucepan, okay I can do both within five minutes…oh wait…cook for thirty minutes. Fuck.

He looked back at the clock, his heart pounding in his chest, failure already crippled his attempt of trying. I just wanted to take a nap. I didn’t think I would sleep the afternoon away. I just wanted to rest my eyes for a minute.

He leaned his hands on the island counter, squeezing the granite with his fingers that shook still with withdrawals but more so with fear. I am so screwed. What do I do? What the fuck do I do?

He heard a door opening in the house. He gripped the counter tighter as footsteps walked through the living room and into the kitchen. Don’t turn around. Whatever you do, don’t face him.

I just wanted a nap.

“Matt.” The voice of hell itself spoke.

Matt squeezed his eyes tightly, his body trembling now. “Yeah?”

“Why is this kitchen still dirty from breakfast?”

Because I fell asleep idiot, that’s what happened? I was functioning off of what an hour of sleep yesterday and haven’t eaten since last night. I am hungry and exhausted and in pain and I hate you. I fucking hate your guts. “I thought I did,” he lied.

“Guess I have to train you how to clean, too, don’t I?” Anger was already showcased on the kidnapper’s face. He tried to stay cool as he asked, “Where’s dinner?”

Matt bit his lip. He tightened his grip on the counter, counted back from ten, before admitting the truth. “I’m sorry, I fell asleep, I didn’t wake up until ten minutes ago. I have done nothing but I did plan on it.”

“My house doesn’t get clean just because you planned on cleaning. Food doesn’t magically appear on the table just because you wanted to make dinner. No, you decided sleep was more important than following my laws.”

“No, I didn’t, I really…” Matt tried, turning around to face his attacker. He froze as he saw Jaegar holding up two fingers and broke into sobs. “No, no, I’m sorry, I am so sorry, I won’t do it again. Please, don’t do this to me.”

This is why I told you not to turn around, idiot. Great job, now you got yourself all worked up. Matt shook the internal thoughts out of his head as he got on his knees, hands together in begging stance, “I am begging you to give me another chance.”

There a minute of silence. Matt closed his eyes. Why isn’t he talking? Why isn’t he saying anything?

“Matt, remember when we went over rules? We agreed that you would do your duties regardless of pain or sickness that includes sleepiness.”

Matt, bit his tongue, feeling anger rise up within him like larva rising in an erupting volcano. Leave it alone. Don’t talk back to him, don’t make it worse. Just nod your head and accept your punishment.

“Our rules?” He snapped, ignoring the voice in the back of his mind. “There is nothing ‘ours’ about the rules.”

The room fell into silence again. Then the voice sounded increasingly angry, “If I recall you agreed to the rules.”

Matt’s eyes widened. “Agreed? I would never fucking agree to your shitty rules. You forced them on me.”




And then the room exploded into a noise.


New Year News

We left 2017 behind in the dark and invite 2018 to show us all strength and sanity.


After releasing my book in October (here is my amazon page…check it out), I took a small break for the holidays. I wanted to spend some time with my family and celebrate in my small victory of publishing. Now, in mid January, its time to get back to work on the next installment of the Do I Disgust You saga. This is a challenging novel to write due to the theme of the book (I do not want to give it away for those who have yet to read or finish my first novel).

This next installment will be intense, violent, and very brutal but still a sense of hope and bravery that leads readers on a ride they cannot put down. My goal is to publish in August of 2018 but will not label the date until I get closer to it.

For anybody interested, please subscribe and check back here for news. if anybody wants to check out my first book, I have the summary here:

Matt Williams, an aspiring rock star, is in a profoundly steep downward spiral. He’s quickly losing control of his life to sex, drugs, and alcohol—and things are about to get much worse.

Matt wakes up naked one morning in a stranger’s bed. This wouldn’t be so unusual, except Matt has almost no memory of the man or the night before. Disappointed in Matt’s poor choices, his friends and bandmates wash their hands of him.

The mysterious one-night stand comes back to haunt Matt: he finds himself being stalked, and the threatening behavior keeps getting worse. With no friends to turn to, and with drugs and alcohol always beckoning, Matt begins to feel closer to death than he has any other time in his life.

Part thriller, part romance, You Will Be Mine is a dark story about addiction and obsession. As Matt wrestles with his internal demons, an external demon comes riding into his life and threatens to take everything. Can Matt reclaim his life from this insidious stalker? And even if Matt escapes this overzealous fan, can he survive his own poor choices?

-You Will Be Mine



May 16


It’s an hour left of May 16th. I have been busy with finishing my second novel and keeping up with my social media accounts. Its been long and its been nice getting back to doing what I love. I am nearing the end of the second novel author editing and feel proud of the book. I cannot wait to send it out for proofing. I have finalized what to do with contests and a doing a video sometime nearing late August.

A remember:

My novel: You Will Be Mine, paperback is $8.99, kindle is $0.99, and free for kindle unlimited. The link is: You Will Be Mine   

Instagram page: Instagram baby

facebook: https://b-m.facebook.com/brittsuspensewriter/


My very own Instagram account


I finally did it, I made my very own Instagram account just for my stories. I will be posting both quotes from my book and my very own photography. The photographs I chose to share are much like my books: dark, moody, depressive but yet so much beauty that it will awestruck the most spectacle of people. Many I will link with quotes from my novels that I feel will make the pictures more impact. If I get really courageous, I might take some selfies too but let’s stay focused on what this is about: writing.

Britt Noonan instagram

I hope anybody who read my novel, and hopefully wants to keep reading the rest of my stories, to check out my Instagram. I have cookies and punch for all who checks my page out. I will also be able to answer any questions anybody might have or will answer privately in the email I have hooked up on my Instagram page.

Also remember some important events:

Starting on 5/4/18, “You will Be Mine,” my first novel of the Do I Disgust You series will be discounted at $0.99 cents (a three dollars saving).

In July: My second novel will be sent off to editors. I will be offering some major deals and promotions on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I can’t say what yet but let’s just say that there will be a competition.

In August: I will know the date of the release and will post the release date on all platforms. After that, I will be posting more important events as the details get more in place.

Until then, I am trying to figure out some fun writing exercises to post on here. I will post more two sentence horror stories and some longer short stories. However, since most of my free time is being devoted toward my amazing series, I cannot say how many times I will be loading short tales. I have at least three short stories nearly finished that will explain some of the back stories of some of my characters of my series and some stand alone pieces. Many of the stand alone pieces will be creepy, mix of paranormal and gore, so keep an eye out for that.

I also made a hashtag for the series. #DIDY (Do I Disgust You)

Thank you.



update on book

I had recently injured my hand and had been unable to write recently or give a update on the new book. I am finally given the okay to start writing again and I am happy to say even with this setback of a couple of months, I am still within the realms of being able to publish in September or October. So its a little later then I originally planned and I apologize but my wrist had been sprained three times in a three month span which had greatly left me behind my original plan to publish in July.

To celebrate, I have decided to lower my price of my eBook from $3.99 down to $.99 cents to celebrate the last five to six months before release. I also opened up sharing abilities so if readers want to share my story with their friends or other readers who might like my story, they can.

I am feeling very confident with the second installment. It will be both a terrifying look into the demented mind of a kidnapper, and a tear-jerker which will impact every reader who decides to take on the very disturbing second installment.

I will be posting my pricing changed tomorrow and hope all my readers, past and present, are getting excited to see what will happen with Matt, Alex, Calvin, and Henry.

February News

My second novel has been progressing beautifully. I should have it out by May or June of this year and I am really liking writing this book. I feel like finding the balance between keeping the suspense up without being too violent has been challenging but a rewarding challenge to overcome.  I cannot wait to see my novel completed and able to hold it in my hands.

On a second note, it has been three and a half months since I published “You Will Be Mine,” and it has been a eye-opening experience. I would like to thank everybody who has bought or read my book and would like others to read my book. It is free for everybody who has kindle unlimited, and I have some good deals going on leading up to my birthday which happens to be next month.



My book is about to come out on a dark October night. It’ll be a perfect addition to the great season of death (Fall I mean). I just got back from beautiful London and amazing Poland and thus is why I have been away. I had no internet connection and although it made me anxious about not updating, I felt like I had no choice but to accept the misfortune lack of communication and explore the beauty and the horror that makes up London. I have been spending my time making notes of really awesome and sometimes funny stories about my visit and I plan on releasing small narratives about my experiences with pictures. Be aware, I will talk about my trip to a Polish hospital and a wound that refused to heal properly. Of course, on my favorite holiday, I will publish here, only here, a special Halloween story full of all dark things that should give your heart a jump.

I will also be showing my cake creation special for Halloween (the featured picture is what I want to make but we will see what I come up with because my cooking skills is a horror movie within itself.

Back to my novel:My novel comes out on October 28, although you can preorder for two days. Here is the link to my paperback but it also comes in kindle form: http://a.co/beiNDb4

Back From the Crept

Back From the Crept

by BritNoonan


Health issues crippled me in the past ten months,

near comatose with bitter content I spent my days in a fog.

struggling to find the dreams that once seemed sensible,

while fools distracted precious time with their suicidal charms,

Now, alone, I vulnerably start over, a virgin in the arts,

unsure if the damage had already outlived my creativity ,

having the talent to express what I wish to accomplish,

failure’s possibility is high but only fools fear its pleasure.

Can I get out of the love affair with failure and befriend success,

or will I succumb to the sadistic game of a dying clock,

whose time seems to stall, a delusion of the reality,

of actually speeding with no brakes without realizing,

leading to a deadly collusion with other fools coned as well?

Still, regardless of the clock’s smirk and failure’s gleam,

I will reach for success even with a noose around my neck,

and continue writing regardless how little talent I possess.


(this slightly depressive poem is the result of the mixture of a melancholic movie with jetlag and injuries. Once you realize that time will run out, you tend to get more motivated to successfully accomplish your goals, even if there is no possibility of success, because once death collects you, you can never come back to finish what you never started or stopped working on)

The End of the Road

When the scenery never changes,

and the road never stops,

where reality gets dull,

and daydreaming an illusion,

and the mind travels too far ahead,

anxious to know where the road leads,

but having no destination in mind,

and a little voice that is to quiet,

pointing out other roads to try,

but this road will lead to great things,

due to a road sign that promises such,

and thus the road forever goes on,

and the scenery never changes,

except for billboards with hallow images,

and scribbled on signs every five miles

is a hollow promise that states,

that at the end of the road,

it will all be worth it.

But yet nobody ever questions,

why this road should be followed,

and for all anybody knows,

and the end of this road,

might be nothing but a broken bridge,

with smashed cars far beneath it.

Can Watching Horror Movies Make you Lose Weight

Can Watching Horror Movies Make You Lose Weight?

by Breet Noonan


A post has been circulating around social media sites which claims that watching horror movies can burns calories. So the question is, how does these movies burn calories and can it possibly count toward your overall calorie-burning goal?

The answer might surprise you. Studies show that watching a ninety minute horror movie can burn up to one hundred and thirteen calories (telegraph.com). So by watching one horror movie, a person can cancel out the calories in a Sobe Noodle Bowl or dink eight ounces of Apple Juice. If eating snacks, one movie could cancel out ten chips or one ounce of popcorn. In terms of exercise, a horror movie can replace ten minutes of kickboxing, running a mile for ten minutes, or walking the mile in thirty minutes. (web4health).

Surprisingly, horror movies can cause viewers to burn more calories than other horror movies. Some movies can almost burn two hundred calories per ninety minutes while others may only burn one hundred. So why is there such a difference and what movies cause the best calorie burns?

The answer actually lies on the viewer’s fear itself. Fear causes adrenaline, a hormone that causes the heart rate to increase and cause carbohydrate metabolism to rise (Hormones.org). So what is Adrenaline and how does it help burn calories?

Adrenaline sends out a strong emotional response to the body over certain events that happens during the day. There are many different emotions, however, the focus today will just be on fear.

So the hormone triggers the emotion of fear which helps jumps the body into getting ready to go into the flight-or-fight instinct. The body needs tons of energy to either escape the situation or fight. This causes the heart rate to increase, metabolism to increase, and hypersensitive hearing, smell, and sight.  Thus the body is working so hard to ensure safety that it drives everything into overdrive, thus helping burn calories.

18gznvSo what movies does Adrenaline effect more? It has also been found that movies rattled in jump scares burn the highest amount of calories because the viewers are always tense waiting for the next scare to pop out leaving them constantly in a state of fear. Basically, the adrenaline is working tenfold to warn the body that there is danger nearby and to be on the lookout.

However, since viewers have different levels of fears, it really depends on the individual. In fact, some of the top calorie burning movies are not one with tons of jump scares. It’s The Shining which burns one hundred and eighty-four calories. Jaws comes in second with one hundred and sixty-one. Exorcist comes in third with one hundred and fifty-eight calories burned (telegraph).

So there’s probably a lot of people wondering  why they haven’t lost any weight when they are avid horror lovers. The answer lies upon eating habits, exercise habits, metabolism levels, sleep habits, and if the horror movies actually scares them.

To lose a pound, a person has to burn three thousand and five hundred calories. Just counting the movies (no food) it will take thirty movies to burn off a pound. If a person eats the average two thousand calories a day diet and wants to lose a pound a week (which needs a five hundred calorie deficit per day by exercising, food decrease, etc) a person will need to watch thirty horror movies to lose a pound a week. This is not even taking into effect metabolism levels which can affect how easy or hard it is to lose weight.

Another issue is that usually there is food involved while watching movies. Pizza, soda, chips, popcorn, and other snacks can cancel out any calorie burning that the movie could give. So its best to leave the snacks and drinks alone to get the most benefits from watching movies.
Losing weight by sitting on the couch and watching movies sounds lovely but sadly, it’s not going to make a difference other than allowing you to eat that delicious snack in front of you. Unless you can watch thirty horror movies a week and stick to a strict diet.

18gzsvIn conclusion, yes, horror movies burns calories but it is not enough to effectively lose weight. However, next time you find yourself afraid while watching a horror movie, just remember, you are helping yourself by burning calories. So watch on and do not forget the popcorn.