Two-Sentence Horror Stories-Bug Based

Here is some bug based short horror stories

  1. wasp (2)When my wife saw a wasp in the house looking outside, I killed it. Now I stand in awe staring at an army of wasps constantly trying to break through the glass to get revenge, all you hear is buzzing and thuds as wasps sacrifice themselves as they slam against the window.
  2. egg-laying-cockroachThis is possibly the most terrifying thing in the world. Black cockroaches fly, do you understand, they have wings and they can fly anywhere including on your face.
  3.  bugsI always been fascinated by bugs and could only imagine how giant we must look to these annoying little beasts. But yesterday I thought I heard them whispering to each other about how easy it would be for them to take out all humans and sadly I believe them.
  4. We as humans aregiant-scorpion afraid of bugs yet do you ever wonder what happened in the past to cause our inherent fear? If rodents, mammals, and birds were larger, how big must the ancient cockroaches be?

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