update on book

I had recently injured my hand and had been unable to write recently or give a update on the new book. I am finally given the okay to start writing again and I am happy to say even with this setback of a couple of months, I am still within the realms of being able to publish in September or October. So its a little later then I originally planned and I apologize but my wrist had been sprained three times in a three month span which had greatly left me behind my original plan to publish in July.

To celebrate, I have decided to lower my price of my eBook from $3.99 down to $.99 cents to celebrate the last five to six months before release. I also opened up sharing abilities so if readers want to share my story with their friends or other readers who might like my story, they can.

I am feeling very confident with the second installment. It will be both a terrifying look into the demented mind of a kidnapper, and a tear-jerker which will impact every reader who decides to take on the very disturbing second installment.

I will be posting my pricing changed tomorrow and hope all my readers, past and present, are getting excited to see what will happen with Matt, Alex, Calvin, and Henry.

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