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I finally did it, I made my very own Instagram account just for my stories. I will be posting both quotes from my book and my very own photography. The photographs I chose to share are much like my books: dark, moody, depressive but yet so much beauty that it will awestruck the most spectacle of people. Many I will link with quotes from my novels that I feel will make the pictures more impact. If I get really courageous, I might take some selfies too but let’s stay focused on what this is about: writing.

Britt Noonan instagram

I hope anybody who read my novel, and hopefully wants to keep reading the rest of my stories, to check out my Instagram. I have cookies and punch for all who checks my page out. I will also be able to answer any questions anybody might have or will answer privately in the email I have hooked up on my Instagram page.

Also remember some important events:

Starting on 5/4/18, “You will Be Mine,” my first novel of the Do I Disgust You series will be discounted at $0.99 cents (a three dollars saving).

In July: My second novel will be sent off to editors. I will be offering some major deals and promotions on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I can’t say what yet but let’s just say that there will be a competition.

In August: I will know the date of the release and will post the release date on all platforms. After that, I will be posting more important events as the details get more in place.

Until then, I am trying to figure out some fun writing exercises to post on here. I will post more two sentence horror stories and some longer short stories. However, since most of my free time is being devoted toward my amazing series, I cannot say how many times I will be loading short tales. I have at least three short stories nearly finished that will explain some of the back stories of some of my characters of my series and some stand alone pieces. Many of the stand alone pieces will be creepy, mix of paranormal and gore, so keep an eye out for that.

I also made a hashtag for the series. #DIDY (Do I Disgust You)

Thank you.



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