Hot July Nights

It’s a beautiful night. The setting sun is shining through the window preventing darkness from seeping into my room.  I am listening to the vocals of my favorite bands, one right after the other, while I am going through the manuscript edits my editor handed back to me. I humbly go through my edits, feeling a mix of pride and depression. I knew my shortcomings, I knew my strengths, but I always get so anxious during this part of the publishing process. I feel so anxious because I am so close to the finish line that I can see it and taste it. However, there’s still so long to go between where I am now and the finish line, that it feels me with impatience. I don’t know if I posted this already, my memory is hazy tonight, but my release date will be October 29th of this year. I am so excited for it to be released.

I have been on vacation earlier this month and it was kind of a surprise so I didn’t get to do the monthly writing challenge that I planned on. So, I decided to start today. I wanted to make these short stories or poems still connect to my novel series in some way.

so this is a little flash fiction about Matt dwelling on some insecurities. This piece would come before the first novel.


Please enjoy it.

Summertime Blues by Britt Noonan

“I am so disappointed in you.”

I know you are. I heard you tell Calvin when you thought I was in the restroom. I know you hate who I have become. I know I am not the same person you met in the sixth grade. I know you have no idea who I am anymore. I know I am asking so much of you for being my friend. I know I have been screwing up lately.


Stop staring at me like this. I can’t take that look anymore. Stop it, stop it, Alex, stop it. I don’t want to do this tonight. Not tonight.

“Why during my birthday party?”

I don’t know. I don’t know. You’ve been ignoring me the entire night. You’ve been hanging with Calvin and I was just sitting on your couch watching you laugh and talk to everybody but me.  I would rather hang out with Calvin, I got lonely.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Sure, you have. When? When you were flirting with that tall and tan stranger? Sure, you sure missed me.

“Are you going to explain yourself? What were you thinking?”

He called me handsome. He wanted to talk to me. He said I was cool. He wanted to be with me. He showed me attention when even you didn’t.  Even I crave attention, sometimes. Did you forget that about me? Or are you just too busy to notice?

“Whatever, I’m going to go on a walk. I hope he was worth skipping your best friend’s birthday party.”

No, don’t go, please I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I only want you, that’s all I want. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I didn’t mean to make you mad, I couldn’t deal with seeing you flirting.  I want to be the one flirting with you but I know that’ll never be a possibility. I just needed a distraction. I needed to feel attractive and worthy of love for once. That’s it. I’m sorry.

“I’ll call you tomorrow when you are sober. Goodnight, Matt.”

I watch you leave. Leaving me alone in the middle of the street, I stare at the stars overhead. I start to walk home, hearing your words play over and over again in my head. I know it’s me who is wrong. I abandoned your party for sex, I abandoned your party for booze, I abandoned you, the person who means the world to me, for cheap thrills. This has to stop. I promise. I know I have disappointed you but this was the last time I did. For now, on, I am going to change my life so you can be proud of me. And maybe, just maybe, you may find me worthy enough to date. And maybe, I will finally, I can happy. I don’t know if it’ll happen but I’ll try my hardest.


Release Date for Novel

Although I hit some rough patches earlier in the year with my sprained wrists, this year  has been going beautifully. I have my second novel in editing and have the release date. You Will Never Leave Me will be released on October 29, 2018.

You Will Never Leave Me is the Sequel to You Will Be Mine, and will focus on the struggles that Matt faces during his kidnapping and Alex’s own struggles in trying to rescue him. Already described as brutal, shocking, and nerve wrecking, the last one-third of the book is a game charger with shocking results. So stay tuned for the exciting second book of the Do You Disgust Me series. I will have it available for preorder starting September 13, 2018. The first ten to preorder will get something special. So mark the calendars with the dates September 13th and October 29th.

I have other important news as well. In March, I will be posting some short stories ranging from comedy to horror. I will be posting two twice a month and will be posting some on amazon as well.

I also have an awesome spooky horror book I have up my sleeve. There is no release date yet but I plan on releasing a very special haunted house horror escape novel that covers a time span of twenty-four hours. So I will release more information on that book as release dates get released.

So stay tuned, remember to follow and be prepared for an awesome year.


May 16


It’s an hour left of May 16th. I have been busy with finishing my second novel and keeping up with my social media accounts. Its been long and its been nice getting back to doing what I love. I am nearing the end of the second novel author editing and feel proud of the book. I cannot wait to send it out for proofing. I have finalized what to do with contests and a doing a video sometime nearing late August.

A remember:

My novel: You Will Be Mine, paperback is $8.99, kindle is $0.99, and free for kindle unlimited. The link is: You Will Be Mine   

Instagram page: Instagram baby



February News

My second novel has been progressing beautifully. I should have it out by May or June of this year and I am really liking writing this book. I feel like finding the balance between keeping the suspense up without being too violent has been challenging but a rewarding challenge to overcome.  I cannot wait to see my novel completed and able to hold it in my hands.

On a second note, it has been three and a half months since I published “You Will Be Mine,” and it has been a eye-opening experience. I would like to thank everybody who has bought or read my book and would like others to read my book. It is free for everybody who has kindle unlimited, and I have some good deals going on leading up to my birthday which happens to be next month.


A Sample of What I am Working on

This is a new approach on the blog. Every so often I will post a small sample of the current piece I am working on. Today, it is a simple of the second installment of the Do You Disgust Me series. This is a rough draft so the final draft may differ a little or be more fleshed out and fixed for grammar mistakes but still a little preview never hurt anybody. I hope everybody likes it.

Chapter 10:

I overslept. He scrambled to the kitchen, his heart beating heavily in his chest, looking at the clock on the oven that screamed 6:25. He will be walking in the doorway in five minutes expecting dinner. He ran to the daily meal planner, scanning to find out what today’s dinner was, hoping it would be something quick. Stuffed bell peppers. How the hell do I make that? Is it just stuffing salad into bell peppers? Wait? How do I even do that?

He turned to the recipe book on the island behind him and quickly scanned the table of contents before turning hastily to the right recipe. Cut the top of bell peppers and discard seeds…cook for five minutes. Salt it, cook hamburger meat, onion, and carrots in a separate saucepan, okay I can do both within five minutes…oh wait…cook for thirty minutes. Fuck.

He looked back at the clock, his heart pounding in his chest, failure already crippled his attempt of trying. I just wanted to take a nap. I didn’t think I would sleep the afternoon away. I just wanted to rest my eyes for a minute.

He leaned his hands on the island counter, squeezing the granite with his fingers that shook still with withdrawals but more so with fear. I am so screwed. What do I do? What the fuck do I do?

He heard a door opening in the house. He gripped the counter tighter as footsteps walked through the living room and into the kitchen. Don’t turn around. Whatever you do, don’t face him.

I just wanted a nap.

“Matt.” The voice of hell itself spoke.

Matt squeezed his eyes tightly, his body trembling now. “Yeah?”

“Why is this kitchen still dirty from breakfast?”

Because I fell asleep idiot, that’s what happened? I was functioning off of what an hour of sleep yesterday and haven’t eaten since last night. I am hungry and exhausted and in pain and I hate you. I fucking hate your guts. “I thought I did,” he lied.

“Guess I have to train you how to clean, too, don’t I?” Anger was already showcased on the kidnapper’s face. He tried to stay cool as he asked, “Where’s dinner?”

Matt bit his lip. He tightened his grip on the counter, counted back from ten, before admitting the truth. “I’m sorry, I fell asleep, I didn’t wake up until ten minutes ago. I have done nothing but I did plan on it.”

“My house doesn’t get clean just because you planned on cleaning. Food doesn’t magically appear on the table just because you wanted to make dinner. No, you decided sleep was more important than following my laws.”

“No, I didn’t, I really…” Matt tried, turning around to face his attacker. He froze as he saw Jaegar holding up two fingers and broke into sobs. “No, no, I’m sorry, I am so sorry, I won’t do it again. Please, don’t do this to me.”

This is why I told you not to turn around, idiot. Great job, now you got yourself all worked up. Matt shook the internal thoughts out of his head as he got on his knees, hands together in begging stance, “I am begging you to give me another chance.”

There a minute of silence. Matt closed his eyes. Why isn’t he talking? Why isn’t he saying anything?

“Matt, remember when we went over rules? We agreed that you would do your duties regardless of pain or sickness that includes sleepiness.”

Matt, bit his tongue, feeling anger rise up within him like larva rising in an erupting volcano. Leave it alone. Don’t talk back to him, don’t make it worse. Just nod your head and accept your punishment.

“Our rules?” He snapped, ignoring the voice in the back of his mind. “There is nothing ‘ours’ about the rules.”

The room fell into silence again. Then the voice sounded increasingly angry, “If I recall you agreed to the rules.”

Matt’s eyes widened. “Agreed? I would never fucking agree to your shitty rules. You forced them on me.”




And then the room exploded into a noise.